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Sargent 41 Mortise Cylinder

Provide a standard level of control in a full range of keyways. Geographically restricted key sections are available.

Ideally suited for:
  • Schools
  • Public buildings
  • Malls and shopping centers

  • Cylinder: solid brass, 1 5/32" (29mm) diameter
  • Cap: brass, bronze or stainless steel
  • Furnished standard with No. 97 rosette and compression spring
  • 6 pin standard, not available in 7 pin
Sargent XC Series Cylinder Assembly

Versatile design for new systems, retrofits and easy field maintenance or construction keying.

The Sargent XC Series is a patented product which incorporates a side pin mechanism working in conjunction with a specially milled key. Available only through Sargent distributors, XC provides an intermediate level of key control by ensuring that the keyblanks are not readily available in the market.

Offered in many of Sargent's standard keyways, XC is readily integrated as a cost effective means of achieving higher security control in an existing key system. The XC series is available in most Sargent products, including Bored, Auxilliary Locks, Exit Devices and Access Control products. Cylinder types include standard Sargent and Small Format Interchangeable Core.

  • Patented product with key blanks only available through authorized SARGENT distributors
  • Available in finished locks, complete cylinder assemblies and shell/plug components
  • Available in several standard SARGENT keyways
  • XC keys can be cut to operate non-XC cylinders. Easily field cut on standard key duplicating machines
  • Available for most SARGENT lock products in conventional, construction and SFIC cylinders
  • Small Format Interchangeable Cores in SARGENT 4A & 4B

  • Increases security and key control by limiting unauthorized duplication
  • Versatile design for new systems, retrofits and easy field maintenance or construction keying
  • Cost effective method to increase security of existing systems without having to install a complete new system
  • Security of a system can be increased where needed with out having to issue all new keys
  • Maintain and expand existing key systems using similar SARGENT products
  • Fast, easy change of keying without having to dissemble the lock from the door or cylinder from knob/lever
Schlage 20-001 Mortise Cylinder

Features a threaded, solid brass pin tumbler. Manufactured to precise specification. Includes a compression ring and spacer, with adjustment range of 1/6" (4mm) to 5/32" (4mm).

  • Threaded, solid brass pin tumbler units
  • Manufactured to precise specification
  • Includes a compression rings, springs and spacer, with adjustment range of 1/16" (2mm) to 5/32" (4mm)
  • Adaptable for various mortise locks and exit devices
  • Available in 1/8" (3mm) increments from 1 1/8" (29mm) to 1 3/4" (45mm)

Schlage 21-002 Cylinder

Standard 6 pin cylinder.

Weiser Lock 984 Mortise Cylinder

Threaded mortise cylinder with 1" (25mm) length. 5 pin cylinder tumbler.

  • 1" (25mm) length
  • 5 pin cylinder tumbler
Weiser Lock 985 Mortise Cylinder

Threaded mortise cylinder with 1 1/8" (29mm) length. 5 or 6 pin cylinder tumbler.

  • 1 1/8" (29mm) length
  • 5 or 6 pin cylinder tumbler
Weiser Lock 986 Mortise Cylinder

Threaded mortise cylinder with 1 1/4" (32mm) length. 5 or 6 pin cylinder tumbler.

  • 1 1/4" (32mm) length
  • 5 or 6 pin cylinder tumbler

Thumb Turn Cylinder

Cylinder Specifications
Weiser Lock Thumb Turn Cylinder

Cylinder length varies, no. of pins varies.


984D Dummy Mortise Cylinder

Features a flush 1 15/16" (49mm) cylinder face. 1" (25mm) cylinder length.

  984T Thumb-Turn Mortise Cylinder

Threaded thumb-turn mortise cylinder with 1" (25mm) length.

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